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There comes a time in life when everything seems uninteresting and insignificant. It has nothing to do with your distantness, but still you seem to be in a place that is light years away from the present one. Everything and everyone seems to be in a state of dream, you could be awakened anytime from the dream and you real life will start. It feels as if you are, as a 3rd person observing everything without participating. The mad rush around you, the plethora of humanity around you. Then you begin to wonder if it is a dream, or is this life. Am I also a part of this, what is it? It seems, the only person who is not moving is you, the whole universe is moving, doing their daily chores and deriving pleasure from it. Then you try to fit yourself into it, but it becomes increasingly inconvenient and then the bubble bursts and you are awakened from the dream. You are no longer different.


More Salt than Pepper

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So, I stumbled upon this book at my friend’s room during one of our gossip sessions. The moment I laid my eyes upon it, I developed an instantaneous liking towards it for some mysterious reason. In a second you will know why. The book is authored by Karan Thapar.

A brief intro– he is a lead journalist of Hindustan times and is famous for his Sunday column- ‘Sunday Sentiments’. Has interviewed people like Manmohan Singh, General Pervez Musharraf, Benazir Bhutto, Condoleezza Rice and The Dalai Lama. In December 2003, he became the first person to win both awards in the current affairs category of the Asian Television Awards. His interview with Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Khurshid Kasuri, on Court Martial won ‘ The Best Current Affairs Programme’. He received his second award for ‘The Best Current Affairs Presenter’ for BBC series Face to Face. He won the ‘Best Current Affairs Presenter’ award in 2007,  for his much talked about interview with Ram Jethmalani on Devil’s Advocate.

The book is a collection of short real life incidents published in Sunday Sentiments over a period of 12 years. The author has boyish charms which mesmerizes the reader. The incidents are well thought of with a moral behind each of these, the conversation in these stories is crisp and to the point. Not for a single moment the attention waivers off. The best part is -in grim situations also he manages to see humor. I have been a die hard fan of his weekly columns since time immemorial.

Criticism: He gets too personnel in the book. I was rather expecting a fine blend of his personnel as well as political views. But the tilt is towards his own personnel experience and that too of his days in London when he worked for London Weekend television.

Rating-Overall a good book. I will give 3.5/5. For lazy Sunday mornings with bright sunshine, it is an enjoyable book to get hooked onto.


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These days in the absence of courses I have a lot of time on hands. So, while there are moments of complete chaos and uncertainty, there are moments of solitude. Chaos is during class and the moment I step out of my room. Solitude is in hostel room, where in one moment everything becomes so inept and completely worthless. These thoughts take a gigantic form as placements are approaching, more then placements it is the thought that is it all worthwhile, Is the only motive to be in this present moment of time is to plan about future or regret/glorify past. So from here on ensues battle of brain Versus heart.

Brain: “Yeah!!! you do have to prepare for future. You have to ( read have to) prepare for placement. ”

Heart: “No, you do not have to. You can relax, enjoy and chill. There are people who did not prepare and still got great placements.”

Brain: “Yeah, it is true. But the ratio is not in their favor. Is it not the placement for which you are here, for which you have slogged 3 yrs.”

heart: “No, you were here to gain knowledge, which you did, so why to prove yourself and well!! you are not even sure you want to do this, then why bother”

Brain: “these are just silly excuses for your comatose situation. You will be jolted out of sleep soon, very soon. It will be too late by then.”

And this debate goes on and on without any clear winner.

The Art of living

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This post has been due for a long time. So, recently I attended AOL- Art of Living course( Basic). I just went in to see what is it that makes people say ” Ah!! It is a great course. You must attend it”.

So, there I was with a friend of mine. With no expectations  I sat there listening to the course instructor and doing all sort of funny things. I was 110% convinced that come what may, the problems in my life or the stress level will not change because of the course, because I thought my problems were some real world problems not some fake (read superficial) problems.

Well, Indeed problems did not change,  but the perception has changed. Definitely the stress level has decreased and now I am a more calm and happy person. Now, I try to see problems / challenges as they are. They do not scare me now.

One of the interesting things that instructor told me and that struck me was ” This earth is in solar system, solar system is in milky way, milky way is in Universe and there might be as well many universes, so exactly where are we here. Is it possible to pin point your existence on the universe” and the answer was well you might have guessed by now. It is a big ‘NO’. So why is it that we let our problems engulf our very own  existence and in the process forget what life is.

So, the 3 rules told to us for living or the summary of AOL – as it is called is

1. Present moment is inevitable. We cannot escape it. If we accept it then we are in better position to deal with it. As for me, whenever I was in difficult situation I used to crib as why me? Why not others? What have I done to deserve this. But with this mantra I am better equipped to deal with circumstances.

2. Don’t judge the intention behind other person’s mistake. As we are prone to make mistakes, so are others. Let us give them a chance. But discretion should be used if someone is exploiting you or making a fool of you.

3. Keep your remote control in your hand. Imagine a situation. You are about to leave for a party dressed in a very pretty dress and the next door neighbour says ” Wow!!! what a pretty dress that is” . That is one moment of ecstasy. But the moment is shattered as soon as some one comments ” Oh! What an ugly piece of clothing”. The truth is perception is relative. It takes a moment to change perception of any person. So, it is better to keep the remote control in our hand rather then letting others to use it to change our mood. As the saying goes” Confidence comes from within”.

for those of you who wish to attend the course, the details are given below.

Venue: Hill ridge springs( barely 1 km from the crossing, towards microsoft)

Date: 16- 21 August

Time: 6am -9 am / 6pm-9pm

For further info drop in a mail.

Hello world!

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